While at Baboon cliffs (see previous post for silly pictures of me watching the sunset) we found a snake that had been fairly well eaten by a bird. The bird was gone but the snake was still pretty intact (viscera were missing but the head and body scales were actually in good shape) so we … More Boomslang

More on the grasshoppers

So, here is a picture of one of my grasshopper cages. I have 18 of these spread out over three different transects. I’m going to be collecting the grasshoppers from the cages on Thursday. Hopefully they’ve enjoyed their stay and have grown a ton! Fingers crossed. I’ll keep you informed.

New (old) car!

So, Walker and Kayla are off to live in a nearby community for the next week or 10 days. Their adventures will be sufficiently harrowing (at the very least two deep river crossings in the car) that they decided to take “baby” and I’m now renting a new Land Rover. If any of you are … More New (old) car!

Tanglefoot Craziness

I’m really sorry I don’t have a picture to go along with this day and a half’s fiasco! There’s no way I could have though, my hands were such a mess I’d have completely destroyed my camera. So, the next step in the insect research is to get a sense of the flying insects that … More Tanglefoot Craziness

Research Update

Sorry for the long lapse in posts. This week has been extremely busy! I don’t think I’ve taken a single photo from out in the field and so didn’t have anything to share. This is a quintessential “Black Cotton” savanna picture to serve in place. I started midweek by finishing setting up the grasshopper experiment. … More Research Update


One thing I’ve learned working in the savanna filled with mammals and here, filled with cattle as well… the ticks are ferocious and plentiful. I can’t begin to count the number of ticks I’ve picked off my pants to date. Luckily only about 1 in 10 actually makes it past the pants and into my … More Ticks!