The Naturalist

Following my grandfather’s advice, I just finished reading “The Naturalist: Theodore Roosevelt, A lifetime of Exploration, and the Triumph of American Natural History.” I  enjoyed it so much I want to quickly share it here and encourage others to read it.  The title leaves little to guess, it chronicles the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s life and his … More The Naturalist

Bomas of East Africa

Traditional pastoral practices affect savanna ecological dynamics in Kenya. Traditional pastoralists in East Africa corralled cattle overnight in brush-lined pens. Over time, the buildup of manure results in fertile hotspots – glades – in the landscape. Eventually, the cattle move on, but they leave behind nutrient-rich patches that can persist for years, even decades. I … More Bomas of East Africa

How to write a bad research proposal

We’re well into Fall semester now and I’m helping to lead a class called Natural Science Research Methods. The goal of the class is to help new Masters students in the School of Forestry propose and plan their two-year thesis project. It’s exciting hearing about all of the cool research ideas these students are wrestling with. This … More How to write a bad research proposal


Hostage: one Suzuki from Nanyuki Ransom: The money we already paid So it turns out that our not being able to test drive the suzuki that we rented has really come back to bite us. We paid quite a large amount of money for the car above, and had it driven to us here at … More Ransom