Visualizing data

Continuing on with the theme of posting lessons from my Conservation Biology class this January, another lesson that turned out to be really effective in Week 1 was centered on reading and presenting data. One of my learning goals for the course was for the students to be able to collect original data, analyze it … More Visualizing data

A quick trip to Israel

This last week was the “10th Symposium on the Lacertids of the Mediterranean Basin and 2nd Symposium on Mediterranean Lizards.” I know… a mouthful. There was just about more conference title than participants. All told, about 50 people similarly excited about lizards living in Mediterranean habitats descended on Tel Aviv and shared their work. The … More A quick trip to Israel

Meet the islands: Galiatsos

I want to share a better view of the islands we’ve been working on in Greece. I’ve started putting together a series of five videos, “Meet the islands,” that profiles each of the islets we introduced lizards to back in 2014. You’ll see, the islands each have their own character but are also unified in … More Meet the islands: Galiatsos

Some recent photos from the field

Claire’s back in Paris so I’ve mostly spent this week entering data, finalizing one manuscript (more on that very soon), and submitting another. It’s been busy, but not pretty. I did get out into the field for a bit though to catch some last lizards for a project with Kinsey and snapped some shots. Here … More Some recent photos from the field

The lizards are in the books!

It was a breakneck two weeks of sampling, but we’ve caught, measured, and released all the lizards in the island experiment! The 2018 census is in the books. Or at least, on a huge stack of data sheets waiting to be typed into my computer. The lizards are doing great! All of the populations are … More The lizards are in the books!

Guess the number of lizards

We’re in Greece and heading out to check on the introduction island lizards starting on Monday. Last year we found 355 lizards and this year, trying to make sure I bring enough supplies, I’ve been polling friends to guess just how many we’re liable to find. Well, all the vials are packed, and I’m not … More Guess the number of lizards

Drones to data

I’ve posted a lot of really pretty drone pictures and video these last six months and I’m realizing that this drone is actually pretty exciting tool for science communication. A reporter the other day said that she’d watched my Redonda video as part of her background research and it really helped her get a feel for … More Drones to data

An update on the Italian Wall Lizards in Boston

After being gone for all of May I was very eager to get out to the Fenway Victory Gardens to see how the Italian Wall Lizards were doing. We discovered the population last year but this far north we were really not sure whether they’d make it through the winter. Just before the Bahamas trip reports … More An update on the Italian Wall Lizards in Boston

Frog Party

I’m back from the Bahamas but leaving for Greece tomorrow afternoon! Whew. I knew it was going to be a fast turnaround but my head’s spinning trying to keep track of the simultaneous fieldwork wrap-up and start-up to-do lists. I have a couple of pictures and videos ready to share from the Bahamas though so I want to … More Frog Party