The islands revisited

After several “are you still alive?” emails yesterday I think it’s time to update the blog! I’m sorry for the delay, but it was for good reason: this last week has been non-stop revisiting of the five introduction islands from last year. I’m going to stretch this out over several posts because it was a lot of work and the … More The islands revisited

So how’d you pick the islands?

So I gave you the end of the story first with that last post. Now that we have the local permissions and federal permits in hand, and the experiment started, I want to tell you a bit about what all went into deciding just how to set up this experiment. It was a long process! This’ll take … More So how’d you pick the islands?


So as my last post suggested, I spent my first day in Italy first in Bari, where my boat landed and then headed north towards Gargano national park. I spent the night at a campground just outside of the park in a small town called Mattinata. That first evening I spent some time in town … More Problems

Kouphonissia- field frustrations and redemption

I arrived in Kouphonissia early Tuesday morning, well before Johannes arrived on the island, so I decided to take a quick excursion to a nearby island that had never been surveyed for reptiles. As, for this I was working for Johannes, I was given permits to collect any reptiles I could find so we could … More Kouphonissia- field frustrations and redemption