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More fieldwork on the horizon

The Redonda posts have trailed off because I’m neck-deep in prepping for the next two trips this field season. I’ve still got a few more Redonda stories in mind to write up though so I’ll try to get them posted before I leave next week. I have to tell you about the next trips though! Next Saturday I’m headed … More More fieldwork on the horizon

Working on Redonda

As I said in the previous Redonda post, I’m headed to the island in search of the three endemic species of lizards living there. My goal is to gather as much baseline data as possible on the natural history of these lizards so we can come back in a year, or in 10 years and … More Working on Redonda

There are lizards in Boston!

I was keeping this under wraps while I was publishing the new finding and trying to pitch the story to local journalists. I’m giving a talk to the New England Herp Society this afternoon though so I think it’s time to tell you all about Boston’s newest “Green Monster” – Italian Wall Lizards! As you may remember, I’ve … More There are lizards in Boston!


Last Monday (the 23rd) was Yale Graduation and time for me to walk! It was a bit of a crazy blitz getting back from Greece late Friday and heading to New Haven on Sunday morning, but I was excited to finally see the pomp of Yale graduation ceremonies (I’ve been in the field every other … More Graduation!


Scientific publications by Dr. Colin Donihue on lizard ecology and evolution in urban and human-dominated landscapes. … More Publications

Greek Island Experiment

A long-term experiment tracking the evolution of small-island lizards in the Greek Cyclade Islands. During the summer of 2014, colleagues and I introduced 20 Podarcis erhardii from the large island of Naxos to five islets around Paros, in the Cyclades. This experiment mimics the natural movement of species between islands and will give new insight into the … More Greek Island Experiment

Italian Wall Lizards in Connecticut!

Exciting news! There’s a new lizard species making its way into New England. It is called Podarcis sicula (the Italian Wall Lizard), and it’s officially in Greenwich CT, just over the New York state border. I’ve been down to visit the area half a dozen times now looking to see where the lizards are and in … More Italian Wall Lizards in Connecticut!

Old Maps

Sorry for the delay in posts. I was working through the data from the island manipulation experiment to share with you, but analysis started getting complicated and then I got busy getting engaged. Hurrah! I’m in the last field research push though so I’m going to try to post several updates over the next two weeks while I’m still in Greece. The first … More Old Maps