ColinDonihueHeadshotI am an evolutionary ecologist studying the drivers and consequences in intra-specific variation in animal functional traits. In particular, my research focuses on predicting changes in behavioral, morphological, and performance traits as a result of changes in ecological context. I am also a passionate teacher – I seek out opportunities to illustrate scientific principles for my students with hands-on research experiences. I teach all my students to recognize and understand coupled human-natural systems – from urban pocket parks to remote wilderness – and the many social and biological facets of biodiversity conservation in the Anthropocene.

My field research in Southern Europe, the West Indies, East Africa, and North America makes use of direct manipulative studies and landscape-scale natural experiments. My work generates fundamental insights into eco-evolutionary dynamics and critical applied lessons for conservation in human-dominated landscapes. I am currently a Voss postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society, working with Dr. Tyler Kartzinel. I recently finished an NSF Postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Jonathan Losos at Harvard University and Washington University in St. Louis. I finished my PhD in 2016 with Dr. Oswald Schmitz at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

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