January 2018


At an underground Harvard lizard colony, scientists study speciation” | Geoffrey Giller |A fun look at some of the recent work collecting lizards in the Bahamas and breeding them on campus at Harvard.

July 2017


“Northernmost population of Italian Wall Lizards in North America discovered inBoston” | Don Lyman | A nice article highlighting the Italian Wall Lizards in the Fenway Victory Gardens.

April 2017

The-New-York-Times-icon“What Makes a City Ant? Maybe just 100 years of Evolution” | STEPH YIN | Dr. Diamond and colleagues recently published a cool example of rapid evolution in Acorn Ants. They demonstrated that ants in Cleveland are rapidly evolving increased heat tolerance in the city’s urban heat island.

March 2017

logo_fid“Along Highways, Wildlife Appears to be breaking Evolutionary Speed Limits” | PATRICK SKAHILL | A piece highlighting a recent journal article by Dr. Brady and Dr. Richardson on Evolution around Roads.

Listen to the full interview here

August 2016

The-New-York-Times-icon“Migrant Lizard, Having Made It in New York, Heads Elsewhere” | JIM DWYER | A great profile talking about the lizards in the Bronx making their way north to Connecticut (and beyond).
“Scientists track reptiles’ migration from New York to Greenwich” | PEREGRINE FRISSELL | More stories from a backyard expedition to find Italian Wall Lizards in Greenwich, Connecticut.

July 2016

“Italian lizards invade Greenwich” | PEREGRINE FRISSELL | A story from the field about the Italian Wall Lizards we found in Greenwich backyards.

Watch the FacebookLive feed of our searching for the lizards.


tumblr_static_wgqp5b6buvk8w4ssk0swcgsw“A lizard from all the way across the Atlantic has just been spotted in Connecticut.” | KEVIN MCLEAN | The first article on our finding Italian Wall Lizards, Podarcis siculus, in Greenwich Connecticut. Describes our paper in Herpetological Review.

April 2016

Unknown“Lizard Ecology and Evolution in the Anthropocene” | An invited talk at the Carleton College Biology Department Weekly Seminar event. I had a terrific time talking with students and professors about lizard ecology and evolution.

January 2016

1492121_700767136628356_4738762271024753383_o“The Lizards of Hastings-on-Hudson”  | BEN GOLDFARB | An exciting description of our efforts to find and document a new population of Italian Wall Lizards in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. Some excellent background information on the history of the invasion, and musings by Mr. Goldfarb on his experiences with invasive species, particularly so close to home.

December 2015

bl_ink_logo_h55“Lizard, lizard on the wall” | AMBIKA KAMATH | A profile by Dr. Kamath on my research on the Aegean Wall Lizard in Greece.

May 2013

sd-logo“Traditional ranching practices enhance African Savannah” | YALE FES | A report on my study finding that traditional agricultural practices can have a bolstering effect on the productivity and diversity of savannah landscapes.

December 2013

SAGE“Explorations: Aegean Islands” | COLIN DONIHUE | A photoessay for Sage Magazine introducing my research in the Greek Islands on the effects of human land use on their ecology, natural history, and evolution.