Simon Baeckens | University of Antwerp | “Chemical cues; building trees from lizard parts”
Kinsey Brock | U.C. Merced | “Throat colors? I can figure them out”
Claire Dufour | University of Montpellier | “I (lizard) Robot”
Anne-Claire Fabre | Natural History Museum, London | “If there’s a bone, I can scan it”
Johannes Foufopoulos | University of Michigan | “Island hopper; all-Aegean naturalist”
Anthony Geneva | Harvard University | “Breeder of dragons; keeper of genomes”
Anthony Herrel | Natural History Museum, Paris; CNRS | “I can make it bite”
Yuval Itescu | Tel Aviv University | “Unheard-of island? Yeah, I’ve been there”
Ambika Kamath | U.C. Berkeley | “R-fearless, connecting the eco-evo-behav dots for everyone else”
Max Lambert | U.C. Berkeley | “If it slithers, creeps, crawls, swims, or hops, I want it”
Jonathan Losos | Washington University in St. Louis | “The Dumbledore of Anoleologists”
Panayiotis Pafilis | University of Athens | “Problem fixer; often seen jumping over bushes after lizards”
Graham Reynolds | UNC Ashville | “Fond of anoles, madly in love with boas”
Oswald Schmitz | Yale University | “Grasshopper whisperer in the landscape of fear”
Menelia Vasilopoulou-Kampitsi | University of Antwerp | “Lizard chaser and ear scanner”