Mired in Mud

The scale is difficult to tell here but that picture is of a road about 7 feet wide and mud about 16 inches deep. Those trenches are my tire tracks, perpendicular to the road. This is where my truck formerly was. Mired in mud. Elcanna and I set off to sample some grasshoppers today in … More Mired in Mud

The Field

So, recently my days have consisted of poking trees with a broomstick in search of lizards. In case that sounds glamorous let me dissuade you, it’s actually been a ton of work and for the most part the lizards are little flashes of four legs and a tail. Chasing them down to sex them just … More The Field

Insect Pinning

In the tradition of my ecology forebears, especially Wallace, every once in a while I get a chance to collect and pin cool insects. I am thinking of extending my research project to also look at primary consumers (things that eat plants), and especially, grasshoppers along with a few other grass-dwelling predators, such as this … More Insect Pinning

Sweet Sixteen

Today was a long day out in the field. I completed three transects in the morning and early afternoon, working until 4:00 when I ran out of wire for the tree tags. (don’t worry I’ve found some more and will be back at it tomorrow). But because the day ended a little earlier than I … More Sweet Sixteen

Science in progress

So I’ve now spent three days out in the field collecting data for my masters thesis. The field work is exhausting. The sun is scorching hot and the work is pretty repetitive but it feels good to be out and about working and actually making progress. I’m sorry I haven’t written a nice, concise description … More Science in progress