Amorgos Sunset

And, just a quick picture of the port on Amorgos. I went hiking in search of lizards as the sun went down after the long day of island hopping. Not many lizards on that trip, but a great view of the island. 

Amorgos day 2

After some ten and a half hours of sleep last night we got up ready to start another day of field research. This time we only had one island to visit but unfortunately the boat owners weren’t available until the afternoon. We were hoping to get the research done in time to rest during the … More Amorgos day 2

Amorgos day 1

Today was our first day on Amorgos, though we actually spent the whole day off the island hopping between nearby smaller islands surveying vegetation, invertebrates, lizards and sea birds as part of an ongoing project monitoring the eradication of rats from much of this area. We got a nice early start hoping to get a … More Amorgos day 1


Saturday June, 9 After a nice time on Naxos the research team that I’m shadowing split up between several different islands. I traveled by ferry to Amorgos with three student researchers to assist in an invasive species project looking at the effects of rat eradication on these islands. I was along mainly to see the … More Amorgos