Car repair

Well I left the Mattinata campground this morning with many a thank you’s! They were really terrific to me, despite the language barrier. The next stop was the Foggia Suzuki dealer and mechanic to get the car fixed up so I can get back on the road! Of course, my phone’s data plan is acting … More Car repair

Camping in Europe

I have a somewhat nostalgic idea of camping from growing up in the wilds of Maine, but nothing I’d seen at a campground in the states prepared me for European camping! As near as I can tell the Europeans, or I should specify, the Italians I’ve met here at Mattinata, view a tent site much … More Camping in Europe


So as my last post suggested, I spent my first day in Italy first in Bari, where my boat landed and then headed north towards Gargano national park. I spent the night at a campground just outside of the park in a small town called Mattinata. That first evening I spent some time in town … More Problems