A few photos and videos from Redonda

I’m prepping for the next trip to check out a rat infested island in the Caribbean and it’s bringing back a bunch of memories from Redonda. A few members of the eradication team have put together some terrific videos and photo galleries and I just want to quickly highlight them here.

For some stunning pictures of the flora, fauna, and landscape of Redonda check out Ed Marshall’s gallery here. He’s a fantastic photographer so keep poking around at some of his other trips (and maybe buy a print!).

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 3.24.19 PM

And for an even more immersive look, watch Thea “the terrific” Eldred’s fantastic video from her time climbing the rock faces of Redonda to set rat traps in some of the most unreachable corners of the island.



California in high speed burst mode


I’m going to keep putting up CA photos just for fun. Going through though the pictures I realized that I took a lot of photos in long bursts during the trip. When I strung them together you almost get a stop motion look at the trip. Enjoy!

Tilt-shift Photography

The olympics just ended in London and without cable at home I was mostly crawling around news sites online to get my olympics fix. I was excited to find that beyond the typical and very excellent sports photography inundating papers and blogs, there were a few more artistic styles being popularized by photographers. One of them was Tilt-shift Photography or Miniature Faking. While true tilt-shift photography requires special equipment, it is possible to replicate the effect with digital post-processing. I decided to try my hand with a few photos from my trip to Europe.

The effect works best on pictures taken from long range from a high vantage point and unfortunately, I wasn’t taking a lot of those during my trip. But take a look at a few of my efforts and let me know what you think.