Iraklia, one of the islands in the small cyclades just south of Naxos, was my final small island of the summer. Again, the goal was to just grab a bunch of lizards, quick as possible, measure them, release them and get back home asap. Luckily Iraklia is a much shorter ferry ride than Amorgos. We … More Iraklia


The other day I went on a terrific day trip to two remote, uninhabited islands off of the east coast of Naxos.  They’re collectively 2 of 3 islands that form the Makares cluster. In days of yore, they were rumored to be the back door to Hades. I’m still trying to track down more information … More Makares

Two tails!

What’s wrong with this picture? I caught this lizard the other day and was quite surprised to see it had two tails. No, this isn’t a case of toxins in the water. One of the tails, the lower one in the picture I believe, was partially autotomized and the second regenerated despite the fact that … More Two tails!


After the early morning run around to grab my insect traps, I immediately turned around to catch a boat to Aspronissi – a small islet off the coast of Naxos. The islet has one of the densest populations of erhardii anywhere in the area, so we wanted to be sure to check it out. We … More Aspronissi

Handfulls of Lizards

There have been SO many lizards in my life these last few days. I’ve been collecting them by the handful. It turns out catching them is the easy part. Measuring all of them though takes hours! Here’s just a smattering I caught from one of my terraces.


Hi Everyone,  I recently spent a couple of excellent days islet hopping off of Schinoussa. This involves riding in a fisherman’s boat to a few small deserted islets, jumping ashore while the boat is bobbing in the water, and then catching lizards for a couple of hours until it’s time to progress to the next … More Islets

Jars full of lizards

The first step to figuring out if the physical appearance of these lizards do indeed change according to their ecological context was to visit natural history museums, looking for patterns in preserved specimens. After a bit of searching, I found that Yale, Harvard and the American Museum of Natural History in NYC all had preserved … More Jars full of lizards

The Plan

I’ll give you the full spiel on my research plans in bits and pieces so as not to bore you. For now, the big picture: My research centers around the impacts of human land use on ecological systems. I’m focusing primarily on a Greek Wall Lizard, Podarcis erhardii, which lives in the Cyclades. I hypothesize … More The Plan