I can hardly believe how quickly time has flown by. I’m now three days away from departing for Greece for the summer! My lists are starting to get shorter, and soon I hope to start checking things off for good soon. Most of the logistical preparations are made though, so here’s a quick summary of my itinerary to get out to Naxos so you can follow along: 

8:15 AM Amtrak from New Haven to Newark Airport
3:50 PM Flight to Montreal and then Paris, landing at 8:30 AM on Monday.

Meeting with Dr. Anthony Herrel near the Jardin des Plantes in central Paris. There I’m going to learn how to use the bite force meter I’ll be borrowing for the summer. 
9:20 PM Flight from Paris to Athens, landing at 1:35 AM on Tuesday. 

After the flight I should have plenty of time to collect baggage and head to the metro which starts running at 5:00 AM. I’ll take the metro to the 7:30 AM Ferry in Piraeus which will get me to Naxos at 1:30 PM on Tuesday the 30th.

At which time I’ll promptly collapse and fall asleep until Wednesday.

It will be a long trip but I’m extremely excited. I’ll make sure to at least update you once I get there but I’ll likely take a few packing pictures to post as well. 

Hurrah for adventures!

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