Hiking in Schoinoussa

Sorry not to have more time to write. Research is in full swing and I’ve been busily hopping from island to island lately in search of lizards. I’m back on Naxos, setting up experiments for the summer. Soon, hopefully, I can share a few more stories of the day to day goings on. Until then, here are a few pictures from a hike on Schoinoussa. First, a panorama of the nearby islands seen from a little hill top. Second, several pictures of a now abandoned wind mill. I was able to climb up and see the very old, wooden gears used to turn the phenomenally massive millstone. Really awesome to see and try to figure out how all the wheels, cogs, shafts, and cranks fit together.







3 thoughts on “Hiking in Schoinoussa

  1. A great deal of labor went into the wind mill. The building of it and the grain grinding. Wheels and gears make from wood. Thanks for sharing.

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