Finished with the insect traps

I’ve just finished laying pitfall and sticky traps for my insect sampling and it’s already almost time to start picking them back up. I set over 200 pitfall traps and over 150 sticky traps these last two days and I’m worn out! Here’s a quick picture of a pitfall trap, and a video showing the process! Make sure your sound is turned on for full effect. The pitfall traps are buried plastic cups with a bit of antifreeze in the bottom. They’ll be filling up with crawling insects that are especially delicious lizard food. The sticky traps are 3×5 notecards covered in glue and will be collecting the aerial insects flying around these terraces. Soon it will be data crunching time! I’m anxious to see what I find!



One thought on “Finished with the insect traps

  1. That was great! Love the music. I am sure the soundtrack made the work seem much more fun than it was to do. My back is sore from watching all the bending. Thanks Colin – your video gives real insight into field work!

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