Night shots

MoniNightMy days are full up of lizarding, measuring, counting and sorting, but every once in a while, especially if I can sacrifice a bit of sleep, I do something fun at night. The other day was gloriously clear and so I had high hopes of getting some nice star pictures. I set out to the heart of the island; far away from most of the towns that ring the coast, but alas was foiled by clouds. Still, on the way home, I got a few shots that I liked. What do you think? I’ll be going out again to get proper star shots at some point!


5 thoughts on “Night shots

      1. Both were an accident! I wish I’d managed to make them on purpose. I think the streaks in the second shot are shooting stars. In the first, I think the streaks were caused by fog rolling through the valley while the shutter was open. Not entirely sure though!

  1. That is amazing. the cross over the chapel. you should donate so they can use it. A gift given to you that you can pass on… 🙂

  2. The first one I feel like I could write a story about. What is your true path and whose path will you cross and where will that path lead you… thank you so much for your posts Colin!!!!

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