Walking to Fira

We take a lot of boats from island to island, but every once in a while we survey islands that are within walking distance across narrow channels. Here’s one, Fira, which is just off the coast of Antiparos, which is itself an island off of Paros – one of the big islands in the cyclades.

You can see the narrow strip of water where we walk at the south end of the island.

Normally, the walk isn’t so bad. The water in the channel where we crossed came up to about my shoulders, which is good because Kinsey and I had to carry equipment in buckets above our heads. On the way back though things got a bit trickier – the wind whipped up and we started getting blown into deeper and deeper water. I started carrying Kinsey’s gear so she could swim, but very soon things started getting uncomfortably deep. After a few meters getting hit in the head with waves and nose snorkeling (think of this) in the troughs, I made it through the deep channel and back to shallower waters. Don’t worry, next time I think I’m going to bring a raft for the gear so I can just swim it!

But here’s a video of the pleasant walk in the morning. The scenery is beautiful and hopefully you can tell just how clear and blue the water is. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Walking to Fira

  1. Wow that water is gorgeous. Good heavens Colin – you are something else…btw where did you get that snorkel ; ) It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. Thank you for sharing this!

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