Greece Wrap-up

As per normal, the field season in Greece finished at a sprint and I fell (way) behind on keeping up with the stories. Sorry! I’m going to back-date a few posts to get you all up to speed. All in all, the summer was a great success – I collected nearly all the data I wanted, started collaborative projects with researchers in Israel, France, Greece, and several universities in the States, and made some great local contacts for next year’s fieldwork.

In total, I caught and measured over 500 lizards from almost 30 different islands. I took 5,500 pictures – over 100 GB of photos – and many hours of video. Processing all that has been a trick, especially with everything else at work, but I’ll relay a few of those highlights in future posts.

I returned to the states in the last week of July, and got right back to work preparing for my qualifying exams… that’ll be a story for one of my next posts.

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