Fishing for lizards

There are lots of ways to catch a lizard. The low-tech solution of course is the old ‘lift a rock and smash your hand down on anything that moves’ method. I tend to prefer more delicate techniques though, particularly in deference to the vipers that also make their homes under these rocks.

So if it’s to be tools, I’d suggest fishing. Luckily, when it comes to decision-making, these lizards tend to be guided by their stomach, not their brain. That means a nice, juicy, wriggling mealworm always seems like a good idea, regardless of whether it’s tied to a long pole and being bounced around by a human. Thus, often the easiest way to catch a lizard is to dangle a worm in front of its face, let it latch on (they often can’t bite through), and then just pick them right up off the ground and plop them into a bucket. Don’t believe me? Take a look here at this video I took:

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