How to grill a cuttlefish

Actually, this is more of a cautionary tale… we definitely haven’t figured it out yet. Maybe watch the video of Angus’ efforts and let me know if you have suggestions. At the least, we’ve decided to next time remove the ink sac intact!


photo copy 2The process:


photo copy

2 thoughts on “How to grill a cuttlefish

  1. Yuck! Better you than me… For future reference, I came across this: “Cut the body cavity on the soft side, open out, remove and discard cuttlebone and gut. If ink sac is intact, it can be removed carefully and the ink extracted over a bowl to add to the dish being prepared. Cut off tentacles from head, just below eyes, remove beak, discard head. Pull off skin from body and rinse well. Cut body in squares or strips. Squares can be ‘honeycombed’ by scoring in diamonds; these curl up during cooking. Rub skin off tentacles with a cloth dipped in salt. Rinse well and drain.”

    1. Thanks! We’ll definitely keep that in mind. I’ve a feeling there will be more cuttlefish in our culinary future. Also, I think “cuttlebone” is my word of the day.

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