I’m Back!

In a few senses. I’m sorry the site was offline for the last two weeks. There was a hosting issue that’s now all taken care of. Hopefully it shouldn’t happen again!

More importantly though, I’m back from Greece, home in Maine, and sifting through data, photos, and video from the summer.

The summer ended very well. We got all of the data we needed and I’m really excited to get going on analysis and writing. When I left off, we were packing up our stuff in the castle and tucking it away in a storeroom for next year.

After everything was wrapped up in Naxos we traveled to Athens where the students did a tremendous amount of exploring, and I spent a lot of time at the University talking with collaborators. The highlight of the Athens trip for me was watching world cup games while eating gyros at the best gyro shop I’ve tasted anywhere in Athens. For those interested, here’s a map. It’s a hole in the wall but so worth the trip! 


There’s been a lot of action here stateside and I’m looking forward to filling you in. July is going to be pretty stuffed with travel, but I’ll make sure to post a few photos and videos from the summer when I can. I’ll get back on the sciencey-posts in a few weeks. 


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