Star Shots on Mt. Zas

So last post I had a series of pictures from inside of Mt. Zas. This time, the pictures were taken from on top! 

Again, these are long exposure pictures. I think a film analogy is actually easiest to illustrate the principle: the longer the camera is left “open” the more light hits the film (or in this case sensor), leaving a brighter image. This technique is especially useful in low-light conditions. In daytime if you left your camera recording for 5 or 6 minutes you’d just have a completely white frame; an over-exposed picture.

Alright, so that’s the basic idea, here are a few more examples of the technique. Oh, and I really must emphasize, these pictures were taking in an absolutely mind boggling setting. The pictures really don’t do it justice. Sitting atop Mt. Zas at midnight while watching the lights twinkle on a dozen different islands and the milky way wheel overhead is a memory I’ll not soon forget! KatLitUpHere you can actually see two Kats! She and I were working on getting her camera settings sorted out so here you can see her face illuminated by the backlight of the camera both sitting down and standing up. Because she spent about the same amount of time in both positions (and almost no time in between) you can see a pretty clear image of her in both places! 

StandingHere’s almost the same shot, but this time I’m looking out over the edge, watching the port far far below. Kat’s a blur because she was on the move and didn’t stay in one spot as long as I did. 

Solo on ZasThis one ended up pretty green but I like the atmosphere. Here I am perched on the pillar. You can see the glow of the Chora of Naxos in the lower right corner. 

Team on Zas

And here’s the whole team! From left to right: Angus, Kat, Colin, and Zach. 



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