A quick update

Hi Everyone,

It’s been busy here! Anthony has arrived from Paris with a masters student, Menelia. We’ve been hiking, herping, and plotting the revisitation of the experimental islets from last year. Unfortunately, the one thing we haven’t managed yet is to catch any Podarcis on the islets – it’s super windy here and, while we might manage the kayak voyage, the lizards are going to be sufficiently hunkered down that we’re not going to get an accurate count.

In the interim, here are a few Podarcis pictures from recent trips out on Naxos. I’m looking forward to updating you on the progress on Paros. It’ll be a few more days though before the weather improves from this:

grwindb15051212 Until then, yay for pretty Podarcis pictures:

IMG_2226 IMG_2230 IMG_2241 needscaptionThis last picture really needs a caption. Thoughts?

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