A few videos from Greece

Well, life got crazy again. I’m prepping for a conference next week in Baltimore, trying to push two papers out the door before September deadlines, sorting out shipping specimens from Greece to CT, trying to make sense of dissertation writing, and putting together post-doc (!) applications.

To take my mind off all that for a minute, and for your enjoyment, I’ve uploaded two little videos and I’ll be posting a few more over the next few days. They were shot by my brother, Ross Donihue, in Greece. Ross is a National Geographic Young Explorer and visual storyteller (see some of his cool stuff here) and he’s helping me put together a video about my research in Greece. Here are a few teaser clips and I’ll be sure to put more up as they come.

So, that’s how I catch them! I miss those little lizards. Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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