In the Bahamas looking for Anoles

I’m in the Bahamas! Airplane over bahamas

Actually, I’m just back from the Bahamas but I spent 6 days catching lizards all over the island of Andros. I’ve got stories and a lot of pictures, so I’m going to trickle them out over the next week or two (otherwise all I’d have to tell you about is more hours in front of my computer!)

First part of the story: the setting. We really lucked out! Here are our digs:

Front porchBack porch

With a view:

Front view

We rented a small house for the week that served as home base. It came with three neighborhood dogs that excitedly followed us around. Here’s number three enjoying the view:IMG_2736

While the dogs spent their time enjoying our lounge chairs and the sun and beach, we were driving the bumpy roads looking for sites and catching lizards. That’ll be the subject of the next post!

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