The Losos lab is taking to the sky


I’m very excited to get some new tech out into the field asap! The Losos lab has decided to get a bird’s eye view of lizard habitat so we’ve just brought home this beautiful DJI Mavic Pro. It’s a little hard to tell from the photo but the drone folds up to be approximately the size of a Nalgene bottle! Our hope is to use it to survey lizard habitats from the sky and create high-resolution 3D maps of some of our field sites. As habitat structure is so important for lizard natural history, we’re thinking this is going to give us some cool new perspective on the habitats lizards are adapting to.

Look forward to many more posts with lots of video but for now the other postdoc, Anthony, and I are just trying to get a handle on flying toy drones…

I’m embarrassed to say this video was one of our most successful attempts… We’ve some more practicing to do before we get the big one out in the field!

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