More Lizards in New England

Among my favorite emails to get are blurry snapshots of a mysterious lizard crawling across someone’s patio/deck/kitchen floor. This year has provided a bumper crop of lizard sightings in New England and I’ve been really happy to ID and introduce folks to their new lizard neighbors. Keep the emails coming! (colindonihue {at}

I’ve been interested in lizards moving into New England because, well, they’re not really supposed to be there, but they seem to be finding creative ways to make use of human landscapes to survive and flourish. Before you start imagining nightmare invasion of these little reptiles though, be assured, they pose no threat to humans, pets, or gardens, and there’s really no indication that they could hit detrimental population densities in New England. So keep the pictures coming!

If you want to read more about the project you can here. My one regret of living in Paris right now is that I can’t go track down the sightings myself!

Here are a few pictures from this year.

Podarcis in NY
Photo: Sharon in NY

Can you spot the lizard? Here’s a clue:

Podarcis in NY Zoom in

I do have a particular love for the Italian Wall Lizard (Podarcis siculus) seen above, but I’m an equal-opportunity lizard IDer. Below are two sightings of the (in)famous nursery-plant-castaway Anolis sagrei.

Sagrei Massachusetts
Photo: Alli from MA


Sagrei in Connecticut
Photo: Caitlin from CT

Thanks for the pictures and keep sending sightings wherever you find a strange lizard you want to know more about.


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