Redonda is officially rat free!

In other exciting news this week, after a thorough re-survey of Redonda the conservation organizations have determined that Redonda is officially rat and goat free. This is terrific news because even a small pocket of rats that were missed in last year’s eradication could quickly explode into a huge population, negating all of the conservation progress to date.

Here’s a great article written by Fauna and Flora, one of the NGOs spearheading the effort including some lizard pictures and a couple of my quotes.

With the help of my college roommate, Ben, we also put together this video about Redonda: Enjoy!

Finally, to cap off the good news, the government of Antigua and Barbuda has officially made the decision to designate Redonda a nature reserve. This island has come a long way, and now it’s looking like it has a bright, beautiful future as home to three fascinating lizards and so many other interesting plants and animals.

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