Kanena provlema

“Kanena provlema.” That’s what our taxi driver kept saying. Ultimately we made it, but getting the our kayaks, bags, and research equipment from the castle to the port on Naxos, and ultimately Paros was anything but “No problems.” First, as you can see, the kayaks fit in his taxi only in the most generous of senses. We … More Kanena provlema

Ferry Time-lapse

Here’s a quick time-lapse video I made of the Blue Star Ferry docking, unloading, and reloading from Paros. Enjoy! It could use some music… let me know if you have any suggestions.


I made it to Italy! It’s been a long 24 hours getting from Naxos to Bari, Italy. Of course my phone isn’t working as promised, so I’ve spent the morning trying to get a new sim card up and running so I can get directions to the next destination, Gargano National Park. I don’t yet … More Italy