The day in Arles

Well, after the market, I decided to postpone the lizard searching for a day and finish the afternoon in Arles. If the market hadn’t been enough, wandering the city cemented it, I love Arles. Arles is an awesome blend of French and Roman architecture. It has an ancient amphitheater and stadium that are still being … More The day in Arles

The market in Arles

I got up Saturday morning ready to head to the nature reserve at the mouth of the Rhône River but much to my surprise the downtown had completely changed from the night before. It was market day and I’ve never seen an open air market anything like this. It was over a mile long and … More The market in Arles

A few more details

Hello everyone, Sorry I don’t have a bit more to report. I’ve been traveling to a wedding. I have a bit of downtime though and wanted to give a few more details about my trip! I’ll be able to give first hand accounts of all of these places in the next couple of weeks (!!) … More A few more details