Heading to Europe in 10 Days!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I’m excitedly preparing for my research expedition to Europe in 10 days and I figured it was time to update you all with some more details. My plan is to continue updating this blog throughout with pictures and stories of my progress so please stay tuned! Click the follow button so you hear when I’ve posted an update!

I’m leaving from JFK on June 6th and will be returning on July 3rd. During that time I’ll be driving from the Aegean islands all the way to southern Spain and back looking for lizards! I’ll elaborate more on my research questions in future posts but if you’re curious you can look back at this post a little while ago for a clue.

The google map isn’t embedding well so here’s a link of my tentative roadmap… I’ll keep working on embedding maps for the future so I can let you know exactly where I am.

I’ve only posted major cities in the google map for convenience sake, but in fact I’m not going to be spending much of any time in the big cities (I’ll have to save the touristy stuff for next trip I guess). Instead I’ll be staying on the Greek Island Naxos and camping in and around some of the National Parks of Italy, France and Spain. In my next post I’ll start filling you in on which parks I’ve chosen so far! Stay Tuned!

2 thoughts on “Heading to Europe in 10 Days!

  1. Colin this map is great– I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!! Good luck! It will be a great adventure 😉

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