A Skukuza Hello

Hello Everyone,

We just arrived in Skukuza and I am back on the internet!

Skukuza is fantastic so far. It is much more touristy than our last camp in Shingwedzi so we spend a lot more of our time in the camp dodging cars and weaving our way through tents, but I can’t complain, it’s a beautiful camp. Our facilities are set aside and are spacious and homey so we are very comfortable.

On our 7 hour drive from the north of Kruger down to Skukuza in the south we saw the big 5 all within a two hour span! It was thrilling. We had seen lots of elephant and cape buffalo all along, but finally at a bridge overpass I saw my first leopard. It was beautiful and we were all really excited to get such a good view. Then, not half an hour later we pulled over to a waterhole and saw half a dozen lions lolling in the shade of an acacia. There were two males with thick dark manes. It was a very impressive sighting. Finally, just afterwards we saw a big old white rhino in the bush a little ways away. It was a very exciting trip!

The weather has been really hot lately and we’ve been told its going to get hotter! I am still working through the data on the insect biodiversity but tonight we are starting another project with a bat specialist. We will be going out into the field to study either the interactions between elephants and bats or predator avoidance in moths. Either way I am very much looking forward to the next few days.

I went on a nice run this morning and had to dodge a huge warthog, bunches of mongoose (mongeese?) and we saw a beautiful giraffe hanging out on the golf course, which is reputed to also be home to hippos, crocodiles and an occasional leopard. I’m hoping that on some of the next runs we’ll see even more.

That’s all for now, I am going to try to continue sending out e-mails fairly frequently over the next few weeks while I have internet. Please continue sending e-mails to me. Internet time is very limited so I haven’t been great about replying (sorry) but I love getting them.

I wish you all the best, Take care!




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