Nairobi Hotel

Here are a couple of pictures of our extremely comfortable hotel in Nairobi. We have three twin beds framed by gauzy white mesh, room service and an incessant hammering of nails directly next door, below and above us. You wouldn’t believe this nailing! We’ve decided the construction workers are none too apt as I’ve counted a maximum of 89 hits for one of these nails (hits being consecutive taps all without a break, metronome style).

To make matters worse I’ve been struggling with a pretty intense fever all day long, trying to rest with little luck. Tomorrow we’re headed to a conference on climate change about 3 hours away. I’m really hoping I’ll be ship shape by then…

So… here are some pictures. Kayla and Walker have been out and about exploring for a while but so far all I’ve seen of Africa has been out of my window. I’m really looking forward to changing that.

Trying to cool off and get rehydrated.
Another view out the window.
The view outside.

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