Photos from the field

No, not my field, I’m sad to say, but here are some photos from a quick expedition out into the Connecticut wilds to catch turtles for a friend’s long-term monitoring project. There’s almost no published data on turtles in CT so he wrote a little grant to put up a dozen or so turtle traps in a nearby wetland just to see what he’d catch. It turns out he’s found a healthy population of painted turtles and a few extremely massive snappers. We had a terrific time wading around and “talking on our turtle phones.” It certainly does make me appreciate the idea of having a field site within easy driving distance. I wonder how often I’ll be able to bring my friends to my Mediterranean research spots to get their help collecting data?

A panoramic view of the wetland
This fellow doesn’t belong in the trap! Oh, and by the way, these guys have big spines on their backs. Youch!
Beautiful painted turtle, a little indignant at having to pose for photos.



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