iPad Update

Just a quick update! I’m gearing up to head on a field expedition to Europe in less than two weeks (more details to follow soon) but, as some of you have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of work online to shift my website to WordPress. The advantage being that I can now update my … More iPad Update

Whale Watching

Last weekend Claire and I cruised out of Boston Harbor in search of the mighty migrating mammals swimming the nice cool, food-filled waters off the coast of the cape. I haven’t been whale watching in years and I was looking forward to this trip so I could get some practice with my new camera (I … More Whale Watching


I went out again to help with a friend’s research (the same friend as before) and we found this Black Racer (Coluber constrictor) sunning itself on a rocky outcropping. It was a beautiful old snake about 4.5 feet in length! After a bit of protestation while it was on the ground, it was mellow as … More Snake!

Brick Oven Pizzas

As part of a staff appreciation day at the School of Forestry, the Student Activities Committee (of which I was “honored” to be elected a member) invited everyone out to the Yale farm where we cooked brick oven pizzas topped with vegis picked directly from the garden that afternoon. While the weather wasn’t optimal we … More Brick Oven Pizzas

The Art of Nature and the Nature of Art

I went to a fantastic symposium yesterday evening titled “The Art of Nature and the Nature of Art,” which explored the various connections both historical and present-day between art and the environment. My favorite three talks were by the artists Alexis Rockman, Mark Dion and James Prosek. Each gave interesting, personal accounts of their work … More The Art of Nature and the Nature of Art

Bee Houses

A quick diversion: During a short trip home, my father, a beekeeper for as long as I can remember, decided it was time to try something new with his hives to see if he could get them to last through the winter. This year, we’re adding color! The thought is that darkly colored hives, instead … More Bee Houses