iPad Update

Just a quick update! I’m gearing up to head on a field expedition to Europe in less than two weeks (more details to follow soon) but, as some of you have noticed, I’ve been doing a lot of work online to shift my website to WordPress. The advantage being that I can now update my … More iPad Update

Whale Watching

Last weekend Claire and I cruised out of Boston Harbor in search of the mighty migrating mammals swimming the nice cool, food-filled waters off the coast of the cape. I haven’t been whale watching in years and I was looking forward to this trip so I could get some practice with my new camera (I … More Whale Watching


I went out again to help with a friend’s research (the same friend as before) and we found this Black Racer (Coluber constrictor) sunning itself on a rocky outcropping. It was a beautiful old snake about 4.5 feet in length! After a bit of protestation while it was on the ground, it was mellow as … More Snake!

Brick Oven Pizzas

As part of a staff appreciation day at the School of Forestry, the Student Activities Committee (of which I was “honored” to be elected a member) invited everyone out to the Yale farm where we cooked brick oven pizzas topped with vegis picked directly from the garden that afternoon. While the weather wasn’t optimal we … More Brick Oven Pizzas