A quick trip to Israel

This last week was the “10th Symposium on the Lacertids of the Mediterranean Basin and 2nd Symposium on Mediterranean Lizards.” I know… a mouthful. There was just about more conference title than participants. All told, about 50 people similarly excited about lizards living in Mediterranean habitats descended on Tel Aviv and shared their work. The … More A quick trip to Israel

Back from Greece!

Greece came and went this year faster than it ever has before. I think it had to do with the fact that it was the third of my field expeditions this spring. Maybe it had something to do with the only three days at home between returning from the Bahamas and leaving for Athens. Much … More Back from Greece!

On my way!

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go! I’ll catch a train from New Haven in just a few hours and then, it’s off to Greece! I can hardly believe it has come up so fast. Now that it’s here though, I’m anxious to get through the traveling portion and get out to … More On my way!

Made it to Athens!

Next step is a bus ride to the docks and then a long ferry ride to Naxos. I should be in Naxos in about nine hours though so I’m really excited about that! Travel has been wondrously smooth so far (I don’t want to jinx it!) Let’s see… I trained from New Haven to Newark … More Made it to Athens!

The Plan

I’ll give you the full spiel on my research plans in bits and pieces so as not to bore you. For now, the big picture: My research centers around the impacts of human land use on ecological systems. I’m focusing primarily on a Greek Wall Lizard, Podarcis erhardii, which lives in the Cyclades. I hypothesize … More The Plan

Countdown to Greece

It’s that time again! The official countdown to Greece has begun. That means two things: I’m running around crazily trying to get everything ready, and this blog is finally going to get interesting again. I leave New Haven on the 28th of April and will be in Naxos on the 30th. Before that, I hope … More Countdown to Greece

Tilt-shift Photography

The olympics just ended in London and without cable at home I was mostly crawling around news sites online to get my olympics fix. I was excited to find that beyond the typical and very excellent sports photography inundating papers and blogs, there were a few more artistic styles being popularized by photographers. One of … More Tilt-shift Photography