Greek update

I’ve made it through Greece riding the train all the way from one terminus to the other and am now typing from an internet cafe in Pireus where I’m going to catch a ferry to Naxos. I did manage to get a sim card for my phone. I learned that iPhones require microsim cards which are in short supply in Greece but you can take a regular sim card and with some careful cutting, trim away the edges and turn it into a fully functional microsim! Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to connect to the Internet over 3G. I’m sure I just have to pay more but I’m still working out who to pay and how. Hopefully I’ll get that sorted out soon so I can blog from more than just the internet cafes.

Give this link a look. Being here on the ground I completely agree. I was really surprised at the amount of graffiti on every surface it seems. There are lots of people out on the streets and I’ve seen a pretty strong police presence even just walking around. This June 15th decision might make my return visit at the end of the month a bit exciting. We shall see… I sure know how to pick ’em though, when I was in Kenya they had a major constitutional referendum come to vote and although it ended up being peaceful there was a lot of tension in the air.

Stay tuned but don’t worry, I’ll keep clear.

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