My new apartment!

Hi Everyone,

I just moved into my new apartment. I’m starting to get settled in and I figured I’d update you with a walking tour so you can see where I’ll be living the next three months. It’s super spacious and needs to be, I think all in all we’ll have as many as 7 occupants. What really sold us on it though is it has a perfect room for raising lizards, you’ll see.

First of all, here’s my address:

AddressI’m almost to the point that I can sound those words out but I’m afraid your guess is as good as mine as to which are important. Long and short: don’t start sending postcards yet.

Here’s a video tour of the house, I think it’ll give you a better sense than just a string of pictures. Sorry it’s not action packed videography (that’ll come later when I start chasing lizards with my GoPro) but hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Let me know if you like the video – I’ll post more!

6 thoughts on “My new apartment!

  1. I love Naxos! What a cool place you’ve got. Make sure you take the hour ferry ride to Paros. I have a million and one recommendations, but it’s totally worth it, and a nice change!

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