Masters of Camouflage

Spotting these anoles in the field was one of the harder challenges of the field work in the Bahamas. They can be exceptionally well camouflaged against the right background and unlike Podarcis, they didn’t really do a lot of running until you were really close to them. Here are a few examples: The trick is to … More Masters of Camouflage

Natrix natrix

Whenever we’re hiking around on one of the big islands we’re always on the lookout for snakes. Some, because Vipera ammodytes is venomous, but for the most part, snakes on these islands are really interesting and a little uncommon. Any day that includes a snake in the field is a good day. I say big … More Natrix natrix


The other day I went on a terrific day trip to two remote, uninhabited islands off of the east coast of Naxos.  They’re collectively 2 of 3 islands that form the Makares cluster. In days of yore, they were rumored to be the back door to Hades. I’m still trying to track down more information … More Makares