Apple Pies

As I mentioned earlier I decided to make a few apple pies as a thank you, first to the family who invited me over to dinner for Greek Easter and another to the family living above me who has on several occasions brought me food, and now puts up with 8 Americans living below them. I decided to make a third pie just to make sure it was going to taste alright. Tonight was my night to cook for the group so I decided it was apple pie time!

photo 1-2I had to make a few impromptu substitutions, especially in the crust. Without measuring cups there was a lot of best guessing going on. Instead of lard I used… something… I’m not sure what. I think it was a pastry butter but it may also have been an olive-oil rich vegetable crisco type thing? No sour cream, but Greek yogurt worked very well. Anyway, despite all of that, I was happy with the result.

photo 2-2I even carved the Greek word for Apple into them. While they were still warm from the oven I delivered them to the neighbors with many thanks. They were very excited to get such a delicious slice of Americana and it was so fun to deliver hot pies. I’ll have to think about what next to cook, perhaps sometime next month.



4 thoughts on “Apple Pies

  1. What a lovely gift for the folks who have entertained you! I am sure it isn’t expected, but what a lovely presentation of thanks!!

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