Crowdfunding stats

The crowdfunding campaign was a huge success thanks to all of you! All campaign I was watching the statistics page count up the number of visitors. It was extremely exciting to see all the people coming to learn about my project. Granted, more than a few of those hits were from me anxiously refreshing the page, but still, a lot of people learned about my research which was all along one of my main goals for the campaign.

Here are just a few stats to illustrate the point:



The highest page view day actually came a week into the campaign with just over 370 visitors! That was the day Professor Losos’ endorsement went live and was also a big publicity blitz.

All tolled for the entire campaign there were 3127 page views. Even despite my refreshing, that’s a lot of people watching my movie.

Finally, most importantly, 65 people sponsored the research and together we raised $5,000 towards this summer’s project!

Thank you again for all of your support! Now to make the project a reality… More on that progress next.

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