Maiden voyage of the kayaks

So my origami kayaks from Oru look amazing, but before I took them all the way to the Aegean, I decided I should give them a try on some tamer waters closer to home. The weather has been chilly all spring, but we had a warm couple of days these last two weekends, so Claire and I took them out on two little urban streams here in New Haven.

The kayaks were an absolute success! Each time I set them up they get easier and faster, they draw lots of eager looks while assembling them from cube to kayak, and they’re super fun (and safe and stable) on the water. I love them.

IMGP7679First things first, assembling the kayaks on the banks of the Mill River in New Haven.

IMGP7681(Glamour shot – ready to go!)


Happily paddling!


And the first reptile caught with the boats! (May this herald many more in the future!)


Here’s a closer shot because Painted turtles are so pretty. I grabbed this one as it was swimming under the kayak!


Our second trip brought us up a brackish creek at Lighthouse point park in New Haven. The creek was nice – we saw osprey and egrets and countless fiddler crabs – but the paddle was too short so we decided to end the trip with a little venture into Long Island Sound to see how the kayaks fared in the open ocean. Again, the results were admirable. I think though, after their taste of the cold Atlantic, they’re as ready as I am for the azure Mediterranean. Soon kayaks, soon.

That reminds me, they need names. One should really be the “beagle,” but do you all have other suggestions?

Photo credits to Claire!

3 thoughts on “Maiden voyage of the kayaks

  1. Thank you for showing us your initial voyage in your kayaks. Wishing you more and more safe and beneficial voyages.

  2. “The Beagle” and whatever is Greek for “lizard!” Hope all the bags are safely loaded and you’re on your way smoothly. Bon voyage!

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