Videos… so many videos

Well, it’s finally time to analyze all of those videos from this summer. We took several hours of behavioral video from the field of lizards crawling around, basking, eating, or chasing other lizards. We’re now processing all of it to get a sense for how the lizards divvy up their days – their time budget. Luckily, Angus and Zach are going through videos too that that should go fairly quickly.

I’m also working on processing all of the sprint speed video data we collected on some 450 lizards. That requires calculating the lizards’ position, point by point, and then using some fancy math to determine what the maximum speed of the lizard was over its dash down the runway. Right now it’s taking about 10 minutes per lizard (that includes multiple runs) so I’ll report back in a few weeks once it’s finished!

For now though, here’s a fun video from the field – this is foraging and eating!

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