The best kind of preparations for Greece

Gyros are amazing. Every year, as excited as I am to get back into the field and chasing lizards, my first stop is my favorite gyro shop on Naxos. You can see why:IMG_1641

This year the gyros couldn’t come fast enough, so I decided to try my hand at making some. While the endeavor turned into a whole-afternoon affair, the results were well worth it! Here are some shots of the process, and you can get the very excellent recipe I followed here (here’s the recipe for homemade flatbread too).

First thing’s first: hand cut french fries:

photo 1

Ohh sizzling!

photo 3-1

Delicious! I suggest cooking these first so you can snack on them for the remainder of the meal-prep!

photo 2-1

Now for that meat. This was twice-baked lamb, bacon, onion, and seasonings.

photo 2

Yum! (These strips are great for snacking too)

And finally, the flatbread. This was tricky. Lots of careful tonging:

photo 3

Some re-purposed field equipment – always important to keep around the kitchen!

photo 5

And a beautiful stack of flatbread, ready to get filled!

photo 4Final step: cut the tomatoes and onions – nice big chunks! And don’t forget the Tzatziki!

Yum. Almost like the real thing… Good enough to hold me over for another month at least.

photo 4-1

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