À Paris… Ahh, Paris

If you read that as “In Paris…. <wistful sigh> Paris” then we’re on the same page. I’ve left Paris but in many ways, reluctantly. Lucky my flight was going to bring me to the Greek islands or I think I’d have stayed.

My stay in Paris was very productive! Lots of meeting new people, talking about lizards, and hearing about the cool functional ecology research happening at CNRS. One of the things that always makes me happy coming to Europe is sitting down to a meal with a group of friends and listening to the conversation flit through half a dozen languages. I tried to keep up with a German conversation by contributing a hearty “dah” only to realize (with some embarrassment) that I’d missed Germany and brought us to Russia. (For future reference “ja” would have been more germane).

I also got to give a short talk about my research to the lab in this awesome room:

photo 2It’s “only a couple hundred years old.”

My talk was followed by about a dozen impressive talks from the MS students in the working group. Many were in French, and my french needs work, but it was very cool to see the breadth of research being done spanning fossilized boar ankles to coelacanth flipper frequencies!

Also, this super neat diorama was in the room. I had to share it:

photo 1And now I’m in Athens and it’s time to get to work!

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