Still in Athens

Well, I’d hoped to be in Naxos by now, but I’m still in Athens. In an attempt to save myself a bit of luggage hauling, I decided to ship some research supplies ahead to the University here. Unfortunately, the attempted delivery was just before 6 pm on a Friday. Big surprise, no one was in the office. Even more unfortunately, the attempt wasn’t repeated upon the new week, so now my package is waiting for me somewhere in Athens.

I had high hopes of finding it on Friday when I arrived in town, but it turns out Friday was a holiday. Let me rephrase that, a strike holiday. As it was explained to me by the hotel concierge, everyone collectively agrees to strike and call’s it a day, actually a weekend; the post office was closed on Saturday too. So, all joking aside, I’m waiting in Athens until tomorrow when the post opens again and I can make some progress on finding that package! I’ll keep you informed.

In the interim, don’t feel too bad. I’m making good progress on writing and my office is wherever the next gyro or espresso can be found!


That’s one packed gyro!


2 thoughts on “Still in Athens

  1. Sounds like a US Post Office to me! We have a really hard time getting to Bainbridge before the one there closes! Looks like you’re coping well, tho!

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