Happy 2016

Happy New Years everyone.

As my last post said, the first 5 weeks of 2016 are going to be pretty intense. I’ve checked off box 1 and am getting close on box 2. Next step, writing the introduction and conclusion of the dissertation as a whole!

As a little aside, I spent Christmas in Georgia with Claire’s family. The 80 degree weather brought out some lizard friends! Here’s a picture of a Christmas carolinensis I caught on a dock.


One more thing, a friend of mine, Ambika Kamath, wrote a nice piece about my work on her Ecology column. Take a look at it here. I can’t believe that after all these years I hadn’t come up with “Lizard, lizard on the wall.” You can read more of her work at her site.

I’ll try to make sure to update you all again before the defense! It’s the final countdown.

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