Honeymoon Herps


Claire and I got married! For long term followers of the blog that might not come as such a surprise. We had a blast at Mass Audubon’s Habitat Nature Sanctuary for the ceremony and after, we left for Amelia Island in Florida.

Alright, so Amelia Island was nice, dolphins off the porch every morning, biking through live oak forests, kayaking through salt marshes, and sitting on miles of powdery white sand beaches. Really nice. But there were lizards!! PERFECT!

We found four species including this Anolis carolinensis above and below.


One of his cousins looked somewhat smug after being caught, don’t you think?


Alright, enough of the extraneous ring cameos. We found lots of Festive anoles too (Anolis sagrei). How appropriate.


Among all of the Anoles we found a couple of other species too. Here’s a picture of a cool skink, Scincella lateralis.


And I never managed to get a grip of the couple of whiptails dashing around the B&B but Aspidoscelis sexlineatus was also streaking through the dunes. Another really cool lizard!

All in all it was a terrific week of relaxing and recharging. If you’re ever looking for a great spot for outdoor adventure, quiet beach time, or good food, try Amelia Island!

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