It’s Working!

I’m about to fall into bed after and before another big day of lizard catching tomorrow but just a quick update because I’m really excited. The island manipulation experiment is working! We’ve revisited two of the islands so far – actually the two least productive I think – and the lizards have made it. What’s more, several of last year’s individuals sporting flashy PIT tags (read more and watch a video about that from last year) have survived. It’s such a delightful feeling catching a lizard, seeing that little bump, bagging it, and then waving a little magic wand over the bag to figure out who the lizard was. In fact, it’s such a terrific feeling I’ve video recorded it and uploaded a video so you can experience it as well. Enjoy!

More from the field soon but I’ve put a bet down that we’re going to catch 50 lizards on Agios Artemios so I’m going to get some sleep! Kali Nichta!

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